Päts Pitsakohvik

Päts Pizza

Päts coffee shop is just right for You if You are in a hurry and hungry. We offer freshly made pizzas, sandwiches and salads, pies and cakes that are...
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Tavern Berliini Trahter

Located next to Rakvere Central Square, Berlin Trahter offers delicious food and the best drinks in a historic building.

Art Café

The Art Café is perfect for a healty lunch, a relaxing coffee break, a romantic dinner and a cozy cocktail party.

Restaurant Slaavi Köök - 12 kuud

Slaavi Köök -12 kuud (Slavic Cuisine-12 months) is a Slavic-style restaurant in the center of Rakvere, where you can enjoy delicious Russian cuisine...
Virma Pubi 2
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Virma Pub

Virma Pub is a food and entertainment place on Tallinn street, which offers delicious modern pub dishes and spicy Asian cuisine.

Grill restaurant Sarvik

Sarvik Grillresto is a stylish and cozy restaurant on Tallinna Street, where food is prepared in the charcoal oven inside the restaurant.

Sushi Tiger

Sushi Tiger is a sushi restaurant on Tallinn Street that serves sushi and oriental dishes.
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Ocean Sushi Bar in Rakvere

Ocean Sushi Bar is located along Central Square and serves a wide variety of high-quality Japanese cuisine.