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Rakvere's Central Square

Rakvere's current Central Square, a former historical marketplace, is a good place to relax and observe city life.

Opening hours

24 hours


Turu plats Rakvere Lääne-Viru maakond (See map)


Rakvere Central Square got a new modern look in 2004 according to the project of architects O. Kadariku, M. Tüür and V. Tomiste. The interesting and modern representative square that has made Rakvere famous has yellow-domed lighting, a specially designed bus pavilion, a fountain, several seating areas and mini Tarvas figures and cobbled hills. Children have fun climbing here and riding on mini Tarvas figures.

In the spring-summer period, the central square delights the flower arrangements and the fountain, and in the winter, various winter and Christmas installations.

Next to the central square is the historical Market Building designed by F. G. Adoff and one of the most representative Bank Buildings in Estonia. In the central square there is also a sculpture dedicated to Arvo Pärt, an honorary citizen of Rakvere, "A young man listening to music by bicycle".

The square is surrounded by shops, pharmacies, dining places, cafes, banks and a Tourist Information Centre.

There are 2 parking areas nearby.