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Rakvere Palermo health and skiing tracks, sledding hill and outdoor gym

Rakvere Palermo health tracks are located at a short distance from the city centre in the Palermo forest. The health track has 2 km and 3 km tracks with sawdust and natural surface and lighting. During winter, the forest features maintained ski tracks and during other seasons you can walk, run or do Nordic walk at the tracks.

Opening hours

24 hours


Õie tänav 78 Rakvere Lääne-Viru maakond (See map)

Additionally, Palermo has an outdoor gym open to visitors all year round with 6 different benches for muscle training and stretching exercises. During winter season, if there is snow, you can sled at the sledding hill located across the parking lot at the side of Kunderi street.

Everyone is welcome to sled, ski and spend active time outdoors!