Tarvas ja Rakvere Linnus

About Rakvere

RAKVERE - it is a combination of culture, history and greenery!

Rakvere is located in Northern Estonia, in Lääne-Viru county and it is  also the center of the county. Rakvere is only an hour drive from Estonian capital Tallinn.

Rakvere Turismiinfokeskus

Population: 14816

Area: 1073 m2


Rakvere is a fast developing smart city with a long history and has lots of greenery and diverse culture.

Rakvere City Festival, organized to celebrate the city's birthday in June, give a face to the cultural events and, The Music Days of Arvo Pärt, the honorary citizen of Rakvere, will take place in autumn. Well-known are also Theaterfestival Baltoscandal and Punksong celebration and the dance performance which unites generations -  Men's Dance Festival.           

The Rakvere logo represents a bull that has risen on its back legs. The sign is based on the oldest known name of Rakvere - Tarvanpää (1226, Henrik's Livonian Chronicle).

The primordial bull is an ancient symbol of strength, power and fertility. Tarva's upright position expresses advance ambition, over-the-top strength, firm opposition to pressure.

The slogan "FULL OF POWER" means that Rakvere has a large amount of economic, spiritual and demographic resources.

Rakvere logo

⇒ Did you know that every day at 12:00 from the Trinity Church Tower in Rakvere the bell "Kyrie eleison" by Arvo Pärt - a world-famous composer from Rakvere -  is heard ?

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